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Moving house can be extremely stressful specially if you are packing yourself. But if you choose a reputable house removals company (BG Removals) to move you they’ll provide a complete pack and move option to take away all the stresses and fuss of moving house.

Let’s put it this way how would you like it to arrive on moving day and customer hasn’t packed the boxes correctly, used the wrong boxes, all boxes are overloaded, not strong enough boxes so they give way once you pick them up and also furniture is not dismantled and ready for the move which will cause delays in moving you out in time for new owners to move in ? I guess this can’t be a good start to stress free move.

Getting the packing right is all you need to get a stress moving experience. Here are top 10 tips to help you along the way of having a stress free move.

1. Have a good clear out

Get rid of all that junk you’ve been accumulating over the years that you no longer need.  Sort through your loft garage and bedrooms and throw away old clothes,books, cds or give them to charities. Do a car-boot and raise some money perhaps that will pay towards a nice of furniture for the new house.

2. Get plenty of correct packing supplies

Get all your  packing materials from BG Removals such as, boxes, bubble-wrap, paper, tape and much more. The last thing you want is to run out when your packing so getting plenty of materials is better than less.

3.Packing your house early ?

This once again is the best thing to do pack weeks in advance the last thing you want to do is wait to the last minute for your solicitors to tell you, your moving date is in 3 / 4 days . No body wants to rush around and pack things incorrectly which will result in breakages. If your using *BG Removals* for your packing then you can relax to the very last minute and let the experts pack your full house 1 day before the move and move you on day 2.

4. Don’t over pack boxes

Using the correct size boxes provided by *BG Removals* can reduce the risk of injury by not overloading the boxes with heavy items such as books. Book or archive boxes should only be used for books and bigger boxes for pans, bedding and soft toys.

5. Pack seasonal clothes away

Pack things you wont be wearing any time soon straight away into boxes which help minimise the extra work if you pack a few days a week.

6. Label your boxes for the new house

Label your boxes for the new house, by room and contents to make it easier for you to find them when  you need that vital document or clothes.

7. Paint, corrosive or Explosives

These should be kept separate from all other boxes you’ve packed and transported by yourselves as removal companies cant carry these. Last thing you want is paint all over the wooden or carpet floors.

8. Pack every single room

We recommend starting in the loft and going through what your keeping and not keeping then work your way down room by room not forgetting to label every box.

9. Important Documents

Keep all passports, documents, keys, insurances, mot clearly labelled and perhaps move this yourself should you need anything in an emergency you can quickly access it

10. Box of essentials

Keep a box of all the essentials with you too such as tea, coffee, kettle, a few cups, first aid kit, sleeping bags should you sale fall through or you brake down on the motorway on a long journey and also not forgetting biscuits your removal men love these and in return will work extra hard for you.

BG Removals House Removals Nottingham, BG Removals team provide  complete pack and move options should you need any further assistance just give us a call on 0115-882-1436 or 07850-157-618.

Wishing you a stress free move.

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