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Protect yourself against late keys when moving house.

BG Removals & Storage Nottingham wish everyone was fortunate enough to move house and already have the keys to their new home before moving in. The problem is that these days vast majority of clients will be moving house on exchange day, this is never the ideal situation for you or for your removal company and crew.

A worse scenario is that your removal company turns up and completes the loading of your home into the removals vehicles and then the question arises “what now?” if your completion has not been signed off by this time then you may run into extra costs due to no fault of your own.

Any quotation you get from a moving company will not include any unnecessary waiting time. To put your mind at ease we have  introduced a Late Key Waiver Option.

Late Key Waiver

Late Key Waiver

Late Key Waiver?

A “Late Key Waiver” is something we have introduced to help protect you for time spent waiting for your keys to your new home on your moving day after loading is complete. Late Key Waiver covers you for up to a 3-hour Key wait.

Nobody wants unexpected hold ups or extra charges when moving home as it is already a stressful time for you and your family. We know sometimes unexpected things happen when buying a new home and there isn’t anything any of the parties can do to stop it.

How much does a Key Waiver cost?

Each move is unique and so is our Key Waiver, it depends on how many porters, vehicles and overall resources we have provided you to complete your home move. We can give you a price during after your home survey and put it on the optional extra section of the removals quotation 

  • 2x Porters with key waiver would cost £75
  • 3x Porters with late key waiver would cost £90
  • 4x Porters with late key waiver would cost £120


Should you purchase a Late Key Waiver?

If your house removals  involves key exchange on you’re moving day and you are worried about delays, it’s a good idea to cover yourself for unforeseen costs due to time spent waiting for access to your new home.

If you do not expect to be waiting for keys or already have them before your move, then late key waiver doesn’t apply to you. A late key waiver is something we offer as do many other reputable removal companies and it’s your choice if you would like to purchase it or not.

How do I purchase a Late Key Waiver?

Late Key Waiver might be offered to you during your home survey if it’s something that we feel might be of benefit you and in the end, it could cut the cost of your house removals. If this was discussed it should be on your quotation sheet and you can then decide if you want to purchase it or not, if you are interested in this waiver then simply tick on the late key waiver on your quotation.[/vc_column_text]

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