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‍Create a ‘To Do’ list and keep any important information together in a file. This will help you to stay organised throughout the move with a removals service.

When you have arranged your moving date you should start writing down what you need to do and when. Try not to leave it more than 3 weeks before the big day so that you don’t have to panic.

Choose the right removals service.

Find a removals service that suits your budget and the size of your move. Get a few quotes and choose the one which is best suited to your move, rather than the cheapest.

And always check for insurance so that your items are covered.

Don’t leave packing to the last-minute.

Packing always seems like a huge task. Breaking it down into achievable parts can make it a lot less daunting. Take one room at a time and start with smaller items that you don’t use that often. Alternatively, you could hire a removals service which will pack your items for you.

Don’t forget to label your boxes.

Just write, on more than one side, what room the box is supposed to go in. It sounds so simple and yet so many people forget. You could also write an inventory of what is in each box.

Does any of your furniture need to be disassembled?

Check to see if your furniture will fit out of your old house and into your new house. If not, leave yourself time to disassemble it. Or find a removals service who will do this for you.

Create a room plan for your new home

Nothing too complicated, just scribble down where you want your furniture so that you can tell your removal service where to unload your stuff.

Pack a box of essential items and keep it with you.

Put your valuables, important papers, medication and phone chargers in a box and keep it with you at all times. That way you can be sure that nothing gets lost.

Lastly, make sure you know where your bedding and tea/coffee making facilities are so that you can make yourself at home as soon as possible after you arrive.

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