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According to research carried out by a leading Sat Nav Company

Nottingham is now the third most congested city in the UK. The research also shows that travelling in the city takes 24 percent longer during rush hour. This is disruptive for local man and van Nottingham companies.

Nottingham came out third behind Leeds/Bradford and London. The local transport authority has invested in the tram, better bus services and improvements to the train station, to encourage greater public transport use and lower congestion. But these services do not always link out to the outskirts of Nottingham and surrounding towns.

Local statistics show that Nottingham is the third best in the country for journey times but these statistics include public transport which does not benefit commercial drivers such as Man and Van services in Nottingham. In order to avoid the rush hour and work around the schedules of their customers, one of the local Man and Van Nottingham companies, BG removals, now runs a 24 hour service.

Nottingham has plans for new projects which will help to improve travelling times, such as a £16.2m ring road improvement scheme. But some people have expressed their doubts about road improvement because they see it as encouraging people to drive. The government gave the go ahead for the project back in December. The proposals have now been drawn up and work on the improvements could begin as early as April next year. At a consultation event last night, residents showed mixed reactions to the ring road scheme. Some were pleased with the idea while others felt that it would not do enough. Road safety is also a worry for local residents due to the moving of junctions and crossings close to the Heathfield Estate.

Man and Van Nottingham drivers will be grateful that they don’t live in Istanbul because it was ranked the most congested city in the world, with peak time journeys lasting 57 per cent longer than at off peak times. Another transport nightmare is in Sao Paulo where traffic jams can be up to 180km long, at certain points in the week.

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